Dan Nichols: Founder; Director of Photography/Lead Engineer

In 2010, Mr. Nichols launched Aphorism Studios, a multimedia production company geared towards hi-fidelity, unified audio and video multimedia documentarian services. Aphorism Studios is staffed exclusively by musicians and artists that have technological aptitudes and serves the larger theatre, dance and music communities onsite or in the studio. 

An avid audiophile, Mr. Nichols dabbles in microphone modification and repair as well as audio electronics design. He has also designed and deployed a number of custom computing solutions for webcasting, video editing, musical telepresence and the NIU School of Music Recording Studio. Mr. Nichols actively trains and manages a workforce of graduate and undergraduate student audio engineers to provide audio/visual support to the faculty and guest artists. His recordings can be found on Albany Records, AppleJazz Records, New Amsterdam Records and Mode Records, among others.

Mr. Nichols combines a passion and depth of knowledge to bring the fields of music, electrical engineering, physics and audio engineering together for the benefit of his clients. He is an active member of both the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and Engineering and Audio Recording Society of Chicago (EARS).


  • The recordings alone are of exceedingly high quality and satisfying in and of themselves, and the DVD adds another layer of depth, personality, and—quite literally—color to the music that is well worth the investment.


    Alexandra Gardner, newmusicbox.com